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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  June 12, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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only on nbc 10 a salem county woman speaking out about the hit-and-run crash that left her son in a coma. we'll hear from that family and get an update on the teen's condition. off the job. the camden county fire chief is suspended after being accused of sharing child pornography. how a homeland security agent played a role in the arrest. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. >> i'm chris cato. it's not officially summer but it might as well be the way it feels. bill henley has a look at temperatures and where they're headed. >> forecast calling for mid 90s this afternoon. humidity is higher along with temperature. it's quite hazy outside. clouds moving through and a few areas of light fog north and west. most of the area not seeing fog. everybody feeling humidity this morning. temperatures 60s and 70s. 73 in trenton. wilmington 74.
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philadelphia look at south philadelphia at 77 degrees. 76 degrees in northeast philadelphia. the humidity that's high is going to be staying with us as temperatures take off so feels-like temperature, temperatures and humidity combined up to 97 degrees by lunchtime today. close to 100 this afternoon for that number. the temperatures, air temperature, measured in the shade, 77 degrees. by 11:00, 87 and then 92 and climbing at 2:00 this afternoon. we'll go through the day neighborhood by neighborhood with a forecast when i come back in ten minutes. right now, let's tell you how traffic is moving. jessica boyington in the first alert traffic center. >> we're starting to pick up just a little bit. downed tree in bucks county. we'll keep you updated. 295, right around black horse pike one of the active work zones hanging around. 12 minutes southbound by the scene from 38 up toward this point at black horse pike.
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part of the right hand shoulder and it goes back a ways but two lanes getting by and seeing a bit of volume right behind that scene. montgomery county a disabled vehicle on keystone drive and another incident to tell you about coming up in ten. as you heard bill tell us a moment ago, we're in for extreme heat today. it's a taste of summer but the weather could also pose health problems. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in center city this morning. katy, this type of heat could be dangerous for some folks. >> reporter: definitely for some people. we'll get to that. the best way to help them around that in just a minute. look behind me. we're atop the art museum steps in center city philadelphia. we're seeing more people over the last 25 minutes come out maybe do their daily run, get in some exercise because this is the most comfortable time of day. a light breeze here. the sun is coming up. there are enough clouds in the sky where we're not feeling the intense heat of the sun as we will over the next few hours.
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yesterday we went around the city and saw some ways kids are cooling off in these intense temperatures. we don't recommend going the open hydrant route. that's really not the safest way to cool off. this is time of year when dozens of city pools are open throughout philadelphia. that's really the best way for you and your family to stay cool and safe during these intense summer-like days. if you are outside the city you can think about taking your child to a rec center or library and even a park. do it on the earlier side. if you have an elderly neighbor or an elderly relative who may not have air conditioning the city of philadelphia has half a dozen senior citizen centers that are air conditioned and open today and that is really a great place for you to recommend one of your senior neighbors or senior relatives to go because the temperatures that we're going to be experiencing later are going to feel like 100 degrees. that can be harmful for their
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health. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> good advice. 6:03. new from overnight, someone stabbed a man several times. he's in critical condition now. police did arrest a suspect. no word on what the motive was here. nbc 10 was on the scene there in south philadelphia when the attack happened just after 4:00 this morning after an argument broke out. a camden county fire chief is suspended indefinitely. he's accused of using fire department computers to share more than a thousand files of child porn. authorities arrested the chief at the volunteer fire company wednesday night. investigators say he stored and distributed child porn from inside the firestation. a homeland security agent monitoring a file sharing website was responsible for the investigation. >> hid his demons well if this is true. >> he's being held on $150,000
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bail. he's not commented on the investigation. a judge will arraign a bucks county teach erer after he and a 17-year-old girl kissed and talked about sex and he booked a hotel room but detectives stepped in before anything happened. he's being held on sexual assault charges. seven months after a burlington county woman's death, her son is now charged with killing her. yesterday authorities indicted the man on charges of aggravated manslaughter. police say last fall he threw his 66-year-old mother to the ground and choked her during an argument. she suffered a brain hemorrhage and went into a coma and died in november. time now is 6:05. the parents of a high school parent athlete badly injured by a hit-and-run driver are talking
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about their son and his battle to get better. >> they're speaking out exclusively to us about the man charged with hurting him as well. kyle is their son who plays football in salem county. a car ran over him early sunday morning while he was skateboarding. the car fled the scene. and now the alleged driver of that car turned himself in monday. he's charged with assault by auto and other offenses. kyle's parents spoke exclusively to nbc 10 updating us on their son's condition. >> still very critical. he's still asleep. hasn't woken up yet. there is movement. there's hope. >> kyle is in a medically induced coma. we asked his parents about their thoughts on the accused driver. >> i really don't have a comment on that one. >> there's an open investigation and the police department is doing a fine job. >> you probably noticed the t-shirts they are wearing.
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hashtag kyle strong and his football jersey number number 7. seen worn by a lot of people in support of kyle. legislation that would crackdown on swatting heads to the new jersey state senate. >> the general assembly passed a bill that would up penalties for swatting. that's when someone makes a 911 call sending police s.w.a.t. teams to people's homes as a prank or for revenge. the bill calls for fines of up to $150,000 a ten-year prison term or both. last night new jersey lawmakers also approved a package of bills to help atlantic city's finances schools and casinos. the state assembly approved the five bills most important that would let ac's eight casinos make payment on taxes for the next 15 years and other legislation would create new state education funding to atlantic city. the bills head to the senate later on this month. to an update on effort to
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solve a missing person mystery at the jersey shore. >> a mystery that began 24 years ago and today is the last day for a mobile command post at cape may county park south. officers started manning that post last week. investigators hoped it would generate new leads in the case of an 11-year-old boy that vanished from his home in 1991. earlier this week authorities revealed that a convicted pennsylvania sex offender is among several persons of interest in the case. police want to hear from anyone who may have seen this man in cape may county in the late '80s or early '90s. some who new the man believe there's a strong resemblance between him and the sketch last seen talking to the boy shortly before he disappeared. coming up on 6:09. the temperatures will be coming up during the day after hitting a warmer start. we're in the 70s right now.
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we've been running five to seven degrees warmer already this morning. we're in for the hottest day of the year so far. the temperatures into middle 90s today. factor in humidity and it will feel like it's close to 100 degrees at the hottest time of the day. there may be a few scattered showers and thunderstorms popping up to bring temperatures down in some areas but not everybody will see that. sunshine allentown at 69 degrees. won't be in 60s for long. 90s this afternoon for allentown and 70s for northeast philadelphia and atlantic city. the shore could see spotty showers north of cape may. it will stay dry. a warmer day today than what you'll see over the weekend for points along the coastline. clouds have been moving through. katy zachry mentioned them in her live shot. pushing into south jersey and delaware. thinning out north and west. that will clear the way for more and more sunshine and clear the way for a quick warmup today. 90s for allentown.
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reading up to 94 degrees. quakertown, 92. a chance of scattered showers but certainly not an all-day rainfall and chance trenton could see a spotty shower as we go into the afternoon hours. 80s along the beach for atlantic city, cape may but inland it's back into the 90s with sunshine for wilmington and philadelphia. near record temperature, record for philadelphia is 95 degrees. so no surprise. crowds will be at the shore today and over the weekend. nice weekend. today, 83 degrees on the coastline. 78 degrees with a chance of a scattered shower on saturday. certainly not an all-day rainfall and nice on sunday. humidity coming down. and the shore won't be the only place getting nicer weather. details in the seven-day forecast when i come back. 6:10. this is usually the time of morning we see volume building out there. >> i wouldn't be surprised if more people are taking a
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three-day weekend heading down to the shore early or calling in sick. who knows. >> who would do that? >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on traffic. >> we won't be here tomorrow. that's okay. good morning. 95 is starting to see volume but everything is still doing basically okay. this is around state road southbound. only a 14-minute trip. you can see through the work here that everything is moving along with volume through the area. in bucks county downed tree river road is closed between old ferry road and you can take toll gate road to get by that scene for now. montgomery county we're still watching an accident scene in hatfield on bethlehem pike. more drive times and check in with schuylkill expressway coming up in ten. another day on the run. the ongoing search for two escaped prisoners has folks in new york on edge. we'll tell you about the latest impacts on the manhunt for the convicts and where police dogs
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may have picked up their scent.
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nearly a week has passed and still no sign of the two convicted killers that escaped from that prison in upstate new york last saturday. stephanie joins us live now. what's happening this morning? >> reporter: for the second day in a row this major road through this area has been shutdown and also for the second day in a row we have schools closed and that area searched still being searched and in a kind of lockdown. we're getting new information about that prison worker. sources telling us that she had a relationship with the older
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inmate but also "the wall street journal" reporting that she may have had a relationship with david sweat as well. so a closer look at both of those relationships coming up on the "today" show and trying to get at the question of what was going on behind those prison walls. back to you. >> thanks stephanie. new from overnight, a second man arrested in an alleged boston terror plot is expected to appear in court later this morning. authorities took the suspect into custody in rhode island last night. the arrest is connected to usaama rahim of boston after investigators shot and killed him after he lunged at them with a knife. they tried to question him about a plot to kill police officers. documents reveal that rahim, his nephew and the suspected arrestedarrest ed last night met in rhode island to discuss plans. it's 6:15. every time we hear from jessica
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boyington, which is about five minutes during this morning's broadcast, weshe checks for problems that pop up on roadways. >> that's why we hear from jessica so frequently because it's an evolving situation on the roads. >> it changes by the second. one time something can be out there and something cannot be out there and we are watching a disabled vehicle. we're doing okay for the most part. just a disabled vehicle on the shoulder. traffic moving by around spring garden street. no problems with drive time. if you are out in delaware no problems there. southbound lanes doing just fine as well. we are dealing with an incident in bucks county on river road that's closed due to a downed tree. as for mass transit, we're experiencing no problems or
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delays. area bridges doing okay in or out of the city but closure on ben franklin bridge this sunday from 6:00 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. but not until sunday though. we'll close down heat and humidity by sunday but not today. have to get through today which looks like it will be the hottest day of the year so far. the sun is up. not seeing a lot of sunshine just yet. it will come through clouds as clouds thin out. 75 degrees right now. humidity has already rolled higher this morning. it's at 87%. look at the fog and low clouds. a view from the pocono mountains. some areas seeing light fog. thicker in the mountains. right now it's down to a mile and a quarter in coatesville. you can see light fog in blue bell. hazeltown down to a quarter mile visibility. fog not an issue for mt. pocono.
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heat humidity and a chance of storms will be the issue of the day. no rain in the area. no showers just yet. as temperature fires up this afternoon. that's when we are likely to see showers and thunderstorms. first of the day can be into interior new jersey. that's 1:00 this afternoon. ocean county portions of burlington county seeing that rainfall and then our attention will turn into the early afternoon hours for portions of chester county and into lehigh county at 2:00 this afternoon. not everybody is going to get that cooling rain. plan on a hot and humid one. it will feel like close to 100 degrees. 5:00 this afternoon, mt. holly, 97. 95 for northeast philadelphia feels-like temperature. allentown with showers in the area. high humidity. feeling close to 100. keep hydrating. take care of yourself and check on others as temperatures will be soaring into middle 90s this afternoon. if we hit 95 that will tie the
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record for this day. tomorrow won't be as hot but still steamy and storms are more likely to be scattered during the day on saturday. won't find them on sunday. flag day looks like it will turn out to be nice. comfortable. humidity comes down on sunday. a warm day monday with a chance of late-day showers and thunderstorms. that threat will be around again on tuesday. and thursday we could see showers and thunderstorms. high of 83. >> thanks for that bill. police at the jersey shore are looking for a pair of pickpockets. how this surveillance video was key to figure out how the man and woman pull off a crime. a win for airport workers in philadelphia. we'll tell you about a new deal that will bring in more airlines and give employees a bump in pay.
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from our jersey shore
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bureau, police say this surveillance video show pickpocketers targeting the elderly. investigators say the video shows the woman striking up a conversation with another shopper all the while the man looks for a way to swipe the victim's wallet from her purse. authorities believe the duo is responsible for at least three similar thefts over the past couple of weeks. some news from city hall in philadelphia -- >> city council members approve a new lease between philadelphia international airport and nearly two dozen airlines and what that means is a raise for a lot of people. council voted to include raises for at least $12 an hour for baggage handlers and other workers. union workers went on strike twice recently to fight for wage increases. the rate goes into effect july 1st. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic on the schuylkill expressway where we are looking out for a disabled
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vehicle. tow truck pulling up on spring garden. eastbound still okay on the drive times. we're watching a road closure in bucks county. river road is closed between old ferry road and point pleasant pike. take toll gate road to get by. we'll check on drive times in just a few minutes. a hot one today. let's send it over to bill henley. >> warmer and humid. you can see the haze in the air as we look toward boathouse road. a live view. 74 degrees at nbc 10. that's five degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. the temperatures will be climbing. the sun is up and has been up for an hour now. 76 in northeast philadelphia. wilmington is 74. >> people are getting ready for that extreme heat. katy zachry is live in center city to show us how. >> reporter: i was remarking on these fine athletes next to me it's a hot one and even steamier. we're catching up with some people who are already trying to stay cool and beat the heat that we're expecting today. you'll hear from them coming up.
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roll up the sleeves, fill up the water glass, we're in for a friday scorcher. you can see fog hanging in there this morning. poconos will be one of the cooler spots today with highs in the 80s. towards philadelphia in the city and suburbs, temperatures expected to soar into the 90s again and in some neighborhoods it could feel like almost 100 out there with humidity that you'll feel as soon as you head out the door this morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm rosemary connors. mountains are a good place to be. shore a good place to be. let's check in with meteorologist bill henley with the first alert forecast. >> the temperature warm up will do away with fog you were showing in the pocono mountains.
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scattered light fog will disappear unfortunately because of the big warmup. the shore will be in the 80s. everybody else will see temperatures soar into the 90s. we are warmer this morning. we've been running five to seven degrees warmer in philadelphia. 76 at philadelphia international and 70s across delaware and for much of new jersey starting off in the 70s. the feels-like temperature thanks to higher humidity will be up near 100 degrees at lunchtime today. it will feel like 97 in doylestown and philadelphia at that hour. standby standby. find shade, air conditioning and keep hydrated. 87 at 11:00 a.m. and by 2:00 low 90s and still climbing. hour by hour forecast when we come back. let's look at what's happening on the roads. jessica boyington in the traffic center. >> i monitor drive times all morning. 95 every single day is first one
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to show impact. 19 minutes. slow starting to see volume headed southbound toward vine street expressway. you can see that on the southbound side. northbound side doing better than that. that's still exactly what happens every morning. bucks county river road closed due to a down tree. you can take toll gate road to get by that scene for now. we'll keep you updated on that closure. for mass transit, no problems or delays for septa, new jersey transit or the speed line. back to extreme heat that bill showed us moving into the area. you need to take extra precaution if you'll be outside for long today. nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us outside in center city. you were talking to people getting in their morning workouts before it gets too hot. >> reporter: mindful of staying inside as much as they can today. first, chris, we've done enough live shots on the art museum
6:32 am
steps in the early morning hours to tell you that what we're seeing is a very light crowd. we really aren't seeing the big numbers of runners and athletes here on the art museum steps as we typically do around the 6:30 half hour and one thought is the weather and humidity is keeping more people inside. now, earlier this morning a few hours ago we did find work crews repainting traffic lines around city hall. when it was a good five to six degrees cooler and not as humid. that's the big takeaway for today. if you have to be outside, try to do most of your work and your most strenuous work of course early on. we're expecting it to feel like 100 degrees with the heat and humidity. one morning jogger tells me she worries about her children's health on days like this so she'll keep them inside for the heat of the day. >> the sun is so hot. they're going to probably get dehydrated so stay in until it's cooler and sun goes down. >> it's going to be too hot and
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you would overheat and take the fun out of it. >> reporter: you can see from that cyclist we talked to that his glasses were fogging up because of humidity. it's soupy out here. for kids who live in center city families who want to take the kids to a pool city pools have opened and there are dozens around the city and if you have an elderly neighbor or a relative who you are concerned with, maybe they don't have air conditioning, the city has half a dozen senior centers open as well. reporting live in center city katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> good advice there. you can also prepare for the potential heat wave headed this weekend if we see another day in the 90s tomorrow and any storms that pop up with our nbc 10 app. download it for free and get severe weather updates straight to your phone or tablet. a group of good samaritans may have helped save the life of a man shot overnight in north philadelphia. it happened at german town avenue and ontario street around
6:34 am
12:30. vet investigators say the victim was shot in the back several times and ran to a nearby restaurant and collapsed. people inside the restaurant flagged down an ambulance that happened to be passing by. the victim is now in critical condition. this morning in delaware county, the american red cross is helping dozens of people forced out of their apartments by a fire. look at this photo posted on instagram last night. firefighters put out flames as at the stradford apartments. crews rushed to treat someone taken from the burning building. we do know that there are no reports of any serious injuries. the apartment building has been around for more than 80 years. it's unclear exactly how this fire started. the red cross volunteers are now making sure that the displaced residents are taken care of. >> this is a life changing experience for many people. we want to make sure people know
6:35 am
the red cross is there for them. they're not in this alone. we'll help them through this every step of the way. >> also the red paws relief team went inside the team to search for pets. you can see one member rescuing an animal. they found more than a dozen. some were hurt. several others are missing. beaten into a coma over a pair of headphones. this morning a chester county family is deciding whether or not to press charges against a student they say beat up their 17-year-old son. the victim's parents posted this picture in his hospital room on social media. police were called out to great valley high school wednesday morning. the victim's family tells us there was a fight over a set of broken headphones. a student punched their son in the face knocking him into a coma. the teen awoke from that coma yesterday. police haven't said if charges will be filed. in delaware county a heads-up for joggers. authorities want you to be on guard after a jogger was attacked. the woman went out for a run monday night.
6:36 am
authorities say she realized a man was running behind her and that man pushed her into a fence and fondled her before running off. a new proposal in philadelphia would allow parking authority officers to track more than just your car. democratic mayoral nominee jim kenny came up with the plan putting parking officers on the lookout for nonparking violations. the violations might include trash and dumping problems blocked sidewalks and suspicious construction sites. the ppa officers wouldn't necessarily be writing tickets for nonparking violations but more than likely reporting concerns to the proper city agency. >> putting work load on someone else when you pay another department that's supposed to just do that. i don't understand. >> we're told parking authority leaders are open to considering the plan. it's 74 degrees at 6:36 in
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the morning. at this hour we should be in the low 60s this time of year. a warmer start and warmer than yesterday. yesterday's high 92 degrees. hotter than that this afternoon. the hottest day of the year so far. and additional humidity. you'll feel it this afternoon. it will feel like 100 degrees. very close to it for much of the area. during the heat of the day we could see showers and thunderstorms pop up but not everybody will see that activity. 69 in allentown. northeast philadelphia is 76. atlantic city is 73 degrees. we'll stay cooler than most of the rest of the area. cape may, same story. 80s this afternoon. you can see hazy sunshine right now as the live picture shows. the clouds moving through the area thinning out for philadelphia and the northern and western suburbs and they'll clear delaware and south jersey as well and that will clear the way for a fast warmup today. 84 degrees with just a chance of a scattered thunderstorm in the pocono mountains. allentown and reading into low 90s along with quakertown.
6:38 am
right along the beach it will be in the 80s but just a mile or two inland and we're talking 90s today and farther inland vineland and dover up to 93 degrees. drexel hill, 95. 94 in philadelphia. 92 in westchester. plenty of heat and humidity today. the crowd will grow along the beach. even though it will be a warm one on the sand today, 80s, but cooler over the weekend. a chance of a scattered showers on saturday. most of the day is going to be dry. on sunday 74. the humidity coming down. and the rest of us will experience that as well. the seven-day forecast with timing of more comfortable weather when i come back in ten. >> we just have to get through this morning and then we can get to the weekend. >> we're so close. almost there. and we've had a run of good luck on the roads so far this morning. nbc 10's traffic reporter erer
6:39 am
jessica boyington will let us know if luck is running out. >> trip calypical morning slowdown. police activity on the southbound side. believe me. 95 southbound from woodhaven to vine street expressway is where we see volume first this morning. 19 minutes to do that. everybody moving along just fine. we're watching a downed tree in bucks county. police activity there closing river road between old ferry road and point pleasant pike. sunday just a heads-up ben franklin bridge will be closed from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. that morning. hundreds of jobs up for grabs in the area. monique braxton will tell us where. >> reporter: those jobs will be at the gloucester premium
6:40 am
outlet. we'll tell you more about it after the break. tuition transparency. how snooki became the inspiration for proposed law aimed at breaking down the true cost of college.
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if you are looking for a job, today is the day to have your resume ready.
6:44 am
gloucester premium outlets is hosting a major job fair. monique braxton is live with a look at some of the positions that need to be filled. fill us in monique. >> reporter: well the job fair signs are posted and in less than four hours managers from the gloucester premium outlet stores will be here at the connecter building. 800 positions to fill at the stores including adidas banana republic calvin klein, that's just a few of the shops looking for managers and sales personnel. bring your resume highlighting retail experience as part time and full-time positions are up for grabs. our producers checked latest unemployment figures. camden county post 6.9% higher than the state average of 6.5%. interviews will take place at the connector building between 10:00 and 7:00 here at camden
6:45 am
county college blackwood campus. the connector building is located between civic hall and the atrium on the college campus. we'll have more for you and hopefully catch the first person in line as the morning progresses. live now from blackwood, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> we know you'll get them monique. started out as a girl scout project but it turned into a nearly full-time job for this young lady. rachel thorton is 12. she's already spending hours every day volunteering. her passion is fire safety. she teamed up with the red cross to teach fire safety classes. she started out teaching those classes to senior citizens. this time she wants to work with kids her age. here's why. >> a boy at my school was displaced by a fire and the whole school chipped in and brought him blankets and things like that to help him and his family. >> rachel says this isn't just
6:46 am
helping kids. it's also helping their families. every workshop she raffles off fire safes and other fire safety equipment and hopes to continue doing this long after she gets her girl scout award. delaware's first dispensary for medical marijuana is set to open two weeks from today. the first state compassion center will be located just outside of wilmington. the opening comes more than four years after governor markell and legislators legalized medical marijuana. more than 300 delaware citizens carry cards allowing them to use marijuana to treat a variety of medical conditions. there are three medical marijuana dispensaries open in new jersey. >> and in pennsylvania lawmakers are right now considering a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in the keystone state. we'll keep our eye on that. a ban on indoor use of e-cigarettes is now headed to governor markell's desk for his signature. yesterday the state senate passed a bill that adds them to
6:47 am
clean indoor air act. the measure does require shops to ban anyone under age 18. four years ago new jersey was the first state in the country to ban e-cigarettes indoors and pennsylvania right now a bill up for discussion next week in the house that would do the same. underage drinking and binge drinking rates are down among young people in the u.s. substance abuse and mental health services reports shows that underage binge drinking has fallen. underage drinking for young people between 18 and 20 years old has stayed relatively the same for the past two decades. a new jersey state bill inspired by a jersey shore star is one step closer to reality. colleges would be required to publish an online breakdown of any student fees.
6:48 am
the bill dates back to a 2011 appearance by former "jersey shore" star at rutgers university in which the school paid her $32,000. after her appearance the school received complaints about the lack of transparency about the price tag. chaos in colwyn continues. here's what happened. that arguing prompted the mayor to get up and leave the meeting early. paula brown was at the center of the discord. she and councilwoman pat williams argued and snatched papers out of one another's hands. all of this happened during the first meeting for the new state appointed borough administrator. let's talk national politics now with decision 2016. hillary clinton will relaunch
6:49 am
her presidential run with what's being billed as a major speech in new york tomorrow. the former secretary of state is the front runner for the democratic nomination. her campaign aides say clinton plans to lay out her plans for the country during the speech tomorrow. she'll also call for those who helped the nation emerge from the economic crisis to be rewarded for their sacrifices. clinton is up against three other candidates for the democratic presidential nomination. on the republican side of the race, jeb bush is gearing up for a formal announcement on monday. the former florida governor is expected to enter the race for the white house. bush is wrapping up a trip in europe. in poland yesterday. and so far it's a crowded field on the republican side. ten republicans have declared that they are running for their party's nomination. it's 6:49. it's time to go to new york for a look at what's coming up on the "today" show. >> this morning we say good morning to willie geist and savannah guthrie.
6:50 am
hey, guys. >> good to see you guys. straight ahead, the newest twist in the hunt for the escaped killers in upstate new york. why prison officials were investigating the woman who allegedly helped those prisoners nearly a year ago. also on my kid would never do that. teens faced with what they think is someone trying to take advantage of a girl who appears to be drunk. we'll show you what happened. >> those stories and we're taking you on an unforgettable ride with the most incredible stunt pilots in the world. and the plaza is filling up fast for a live concert from fall out boy on a friday morning when we get started here on "today." fallout boy fans? >> yeah. >> absolutely. just in philly two nights ago. a huge concert. given my 6:00 p.m. bedtime, i wasn't able to make the show. >> we have to get them at 8:30 in the morning. we can't stay up either. >> you have front row seats. enjoy. >> we'll tune in.
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thanks, guys. >> we'll see you. nine minutes before 7:00. temperatures in the 70s right now. a hot one yesterday. a high of 92 degrees in philadelphia. there were clouds and haze and we've got that this morning. the humidity is already higher and it's going to be hotter day all day long. 76 degrees currently in philadelphia. five degrees warmer than yesterday. 87% right now. you can really feel it. and some spots saw showers and thunderstorms yesterday that led to fog but it's already thinning out. this is the view from the pocono mountains. there are some areas of just light fog. coatesville seeing one-mile visibility. if you see any fog, not going to last long. temperatures will shoot up and the heat of the afternoon could fuel some showers and thunderstorms. not seeing them yet. the first showers and thunderstorms possibly in new jersey early this afternoon.
6:52 am
burlington county into ocean county and farther to the north a chance of showers and then we could see spotty showers during the early afternoon hours farther to the north and west into upper chester county near reading and near allentown and showers could have some heavy downpours. most of the area will not see shower activity. it will stay scattered during the afternoon. we'll see a quick warmup. partly temperatures other part is humidity. it will feel like it's close to 95 degrees at 5:00 this afternoon. trenton and mt. holly, hotter. we could see numbers peak near 100 degrees today. standby to stay cool if you can. hazy, hot and humid conditions. 95 is the record for philadelphia. we'll get very close to it this afternoon. not as hot tomorrow. still steamy. a better chance that we'll see more widespread showers and thunderstorms on saturday. then by sunday they are out of here in time for flag day.
6:53 am
87 the high temperature sunday afternoon with a light breeze blowing on sunday. monday the chance of showers returns and we'll be in middle 80s but a hotter day on tuesday. up near 90 degrees. >> may be time to put coolant into your car because that ac will get a workout. >> i've been stuck on hottest days of the year with no air conditioning cranking out. not a good time. >> hopefully no traffic jams causing you to get stuck this morning. let's check in with jessica. >> we're doing okay. typical volume starting to develop. what we have here -- hate it when this happens. delaware route 1 you can see in the distance somebody's boat tipped off the back of their trailer around 273 not causing major problems. southbound by the scene. something to watch out for in the meantime. we're seeing jams in normal spots. headed eastbound with an 11-minute trip opposed to the normal six or seven and bucks county watching that downed tree
6:54 am
with police activity closing river road. that's between old ferry road and point pleasant pike. you can take toll gate road to get by that scene. this sunday ben franklin bridge closed from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 for road work. watch out for that. only an hour and a half. you should be fine. >> bill warned us that we're in the middle of what could turn out to be a heat wave. takes three days in the 90s to reach one of those. today is going to be a burner. katy zachry is live for us in center city. >> reporter: we've had one day in the 90s. today is expected to reach temperatures that we saw yesterday or even worse. you can feel the temperatures rising out here. it's getting a lot stickier. coming up we're meeting people who are trying to beat the heat by staying cool. i don't know if this group is staying cool. you'll hear from them coming up.
6:55 am
6:56 am
new jersey's supreme court has spoken but teachers and school employees still fear for their futures. because rather than solving the pension crisis the court says politicians can continue to ignore it. that's just wrong. teachers and school employees have paid billions into their pensions. but the state has failed. the legislature can fix what governor christie has broken - ... before it ends up costing billions more. it's time for fiscal responsibility. fund the pensions now.
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6:58 am
a live look from our camera atop the comcast center. you can see the haze over the city of philadelphia. humid one out there. nbc 10's katy zachry is watching things from the steps of the art museum. >> reporter: it's already hot and steamy out here over the last few hours i can feel the temperatures rising. i've done enough live shots in the early morning hours to tell you we're not seeing athletes out here that we typically do. earlier this morning work crews we found were painting traffic lines around city hall. they did it all before 4:00 a.m. to avoid traffic but also the heat of the day. here in philadelphia you and your kids can stay cool by visiting one of the city's dozens of public pools. the city's senior centers are
6:59 am
open today. back out live, some early aft athletes i spoke to say after their intense workout they'll be indoors and keeping their kids indoors as well. katy zachry nbc 10 news. stay cool today. easier this morning than this afternoon. hazy outside. like yesterday we saw haze and temperatures soared into the 90s. standby. it's warmer this morning. we're up by five in philadelphia. northeast philadelphia just climbed now to 79 degrees there. temperature will be into the 90s this afternoon. of course it's going to feel even hotter when you factor in the humidity. by noontime, doylestown will feel like 97 degrees. peaking near 100 degrees this afternoon. >> all right, bill. we're out of time. the "today" show is next. we'll be back with local updates
7:00 am
in just a few minutes. >> get the latest breaking news and weather with the nbc 10 app. have a good one. >> stay cool. . good morning. all for love? a new report this morning that prison worker, joyce mitchell may have had a relationship with not one, but both of those escaped prisoners. as the desperate search to find them enters day seven. in custody. authorities nab another terror suspect in connection with that plot to behead bostonolice officers. he will face a judge today. who are you? a prominent naacp leader under fire accused by her own family of lying about being black and confronted on the claims on television. >> are you african-american? >> i don't -- i don't understand the question. >> how that interview ended with an investigation now under way. and


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